Extant 1.12

“Before The Blood” 9/10/14
Katie tells everyone a madness took over the ship 23 months ago and she’s been in a coma.
Odin tells Ethan to call him should anything then gives him a phone which is probably a detonator.
Molly is at ISEA trying to figure out what’s going on. She goes to Dr. Sam and she gives her a “brightener” to remember her memories. Turns out she sent a code to the Seraphim to reenter Earth’s atmosphere. ISEA tells her she needs to go up and do stuff in space.
Ethan tells Julie that Odin told him they want to shut him down.
Weird mold is growing on the exterior of the Seraphim.
The baby takes over John and Ethan sees it.
The baby, which is now a young kid, shows up at Molly’s window and Ethan scares it off.
Julie starts looking into Odin and finds out he’s a terrorist.
The ones without bodies are coming soon and the baby is worried that they need to feed.
Katie is dead on the pod and locks Sean in it. and then tells hims its going to be ok. Ugh tvthatiwatch

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