Stalker 1.07

“Fanatic” 11/12/14
An actress gets attacked in her home and escapes into her panic room. Could it be her recently released stalker? Nope she is just obsessed. Perry is still banging Beth’s best friend and gets the security code into Beth’s house.
The sister of the actress, who is her assistant, has been leaking info to a specific paparatzzi. When the actress finds out, the sister leaves and gets attacked by someone outside her house. The police sketch leads to the suspect’s home. The actress is visiting her sister in the hospital and the man attacks her in the elevator. She mace’s him and traps him in the elevator. When they tell his mother that he’s been off his meds and was stalking the actress and will be going to jail, mom goes crazy and chases the actress around the set after hours. The team saves the day. Beth is upset that someone sent her a letter in the mail about her past life. Perry watches from the sidelines eating it up. Stalker is surprising good tvthatiwatch.

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