Manhattan 1.07

“The New World” 9/7/14 Charlie and Helen are at the reactor and something goes wrong. They soon realize that the black man that the head of the project was treating like a secretary was Theodore Sinclair – a world renouned physisicist who could fix the problem without thinking. Palomo didn’t show up to work for 2 days turns out her brother died in the Pacific. Frank gets them into their sacred land to release his soul. Then she quits.
Liza spends a night out on the town as retribution for Charlie not telling her about Helen. And then makes out with her best friend. Charlie realizes that if an errant xeon molecule was what was causing the reactor to overload than whats to say the plutonium couldn’t have an errant element in it too which could cause the reaction to go bad. Manhattan is fascinating tvthatiwatch.

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