Madam Secretary 1.09

“So It Goes” 11/16/14
On the plane with the previous secretary of state as it goes down. Beth, Henry and Isabelle are listening to the black box and speculating on what happened.
Beth wants to go to Alison’s soccer game.
Russell has a clandestine meeting with Matt and offers him a west wing position for spying.
NASA stops by to talk about time travel, well not really just getting a remote island to support their new telescope.
Isabelle finds a technician, Beth sneaks out of the game to interview him and he says he was hired to do it.
Matt comes clean to Beth that he spied on the previous Sec of State and overheard during a heated converstion Russel say a turn of phrase “So it goes” which was the exact thing the Secretary of State said as his plane went down
Madam Secretary is tvthatiwatch.

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