Arrow 3.06

“Guilty” 11/12/14 Arrow, Speedy and Diggle head to take down a gang but someone beat them to it and wrote Guilty on the floor in blood. IslandOllie is tracking someone carrying an envelope but that person gets run over by a car. He apparently dropped it somewhere and Ollie needs to find it. Laurel is boxing. Roy asks Felicity to test his blood for Mirakuru. She does some virtual autopsy and figures out that the arrows weren’t from a bow and could have been thrown with Mirakuru strength. Arrow tracks down another gang member to Ted Grant’s, Wildcat Boxing ring. When he tracks Grant down to a secret lair, fighty fight, and Arrow uses a BOXING ARROW!!!! We find out Ted Grand was a costumed vigilante 6 years ago. He had a sidekick too, Isaac Stanzler, and the sidekick was the one that killed someone which stopped Wildcat from being a superhero. Isaac kidnaps Ted and Laurel but Arrow and Speedy save the day with a fighty fight between sidekicks. Oliver makes Speedy memory regress to last year’s finale where he stabbed a cop and thats why he was having these visions of stabbing Sarah. Cupid, another archer, shows up and kills Isaac and 2 cops. Arrow is really good tvthatiwatch.

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