Agents of SHIELD 2.07

“The Writing on the Wall” 11/11/14 Bobby from Cougartown goes on a date and finds anther person with the code and carves it into her body. She was an ex-shield agent. Coulson is carving code on the wall again. May and Tripp are tracking Ward. Bobbie and Hunter join the fun too. Ward has a dead man’s switch on a bomb so that makes it unfun. Mack and Fitz steal the body, Simmons does an autopsy and finds GH-325 in both the killer and the victim. Coulson decides to go under the memory device to get info as more people in the TAHITI project are apparently killing people. He finds out 6 patients were in the study and they all lost their minds so they decided to wipe their minds and replace them. Apparently Sebastian Derrick has been running around killing the other 5 and only Hank Thompson is left. Coulson escapes, runs to Thompson’s house but Derrick is already there. They fight and Coulson realizes that Hank had the last piece of the puzzle and it was a 3D map of a city. Ward heads to a bar and meets up with Bakshi and his cronnies. When May shows up to nab them she finds Bakshi wrapped with a bow and a note “For Coulson”. Coulson has a new plan which is to find the city before Hydra does. Agents of SHIELD is good tvthatiwatch.

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