Extant 1.11

“A New World” 9/3/14 The SWAT team approaches Alan and the baby and they all die. The other SWAT team contains Molly and Gordon but when they find out the other team died they let her go. Odin takes Ethan home and pulls out his batteries and puts a bomb in him. Hideko has to take some weird potion but there is only one dose left which will only last him a few weeks, which thankfully is the life of this show. John figures it out too and gets thrown in his room. Mason gets shot by Alan who informs Molly his wife took the baby. Alan, Molly and Gordon go to ISEA and then they all decide to trick Hideko into bringing John. Hideko was a miner for Claypool, who mined meteor’s, but there was a cave in and a strange goo kept him alive for 140 years but he has been looking for the original asteroid it came from so he can live forever. Meanwhile in space the Seraphim gets a request for another ship to dock with it and Katie comes on board. Extant is ridiculous tvthatiwatch

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