The Flash 1.05

“Plastique” 11/11/14 A woman steals papers from a highrise and blows up the top floors. Flash has to run up the side of building to save a window washer. Iris sees him but he vibrate his features. General Wade Eiling takes over the bomb investigation. The Star Labs team figures out the woman was Bette Sans Souci. When Flash finds her she touches his suit and it explodes. She has tactile explosive metabilities. She heads to Dr. Harold Hadley as does Eiling and Flash. Flash picks her up and takes her to to Star Labs. Flash shows up at Iris’ cafe to tell her to stop. Dr. Wells convinces Plastique to kill General Eiling. When Flash shows up to stop her, Eiling shoots her and she dies and Flash has to run on water to drop her off before she explodes. Barry tells Iris to stop the blog and she says no so they decide to take a break. General Eiling stops by Star labs and says he and Dr. Wells should partner up but he says no. Flashback to Dr. Wells quitting last time and says he doesn’t want to torture the ape named Grodd anymore. The Flash is really fun tvthatiwatch.

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