Stalker 1.06

“Love Is A Battlefield” 11/5/14 LA Hollywood Hills dinner party and the owner goes inside, the lights turn off and the green lights show show nasty painted words. Jack still stalks his family and his son walks up and says hi. The woman’s dog ends up in the box and the gets attacked in the parking lot by a man wearing a 35K watch. Amanda shows up and smacks Jack and says stay away from my son. Then Trent says wtf is Ethan your son? The ex-husband shows up at the museum gala and confronts her they arrest him.
The more they look into it, turns out the wife is a psycho and its a reverse stalker situation. Jack goes to Beth about Amanda, she says fix it. Jack pours his heart out to Amanda and lets her decide if he should stay. Stalker is surprising good tvthatiwatch.

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