Gotham 1.08

“The Mask” 11/10/14 Two guys in a fight club fight to the death. Penguin goes to see Fish and she stabs him in the hand for fun. Nigma starts a forensic examination on the guy. Bruce goes to school and meets Tommy Elliot, who smacks him around. Fish meets with Liza and tells her to copy the last 2 pages of his ledger. The victim has a business card in his pocket so Bullock and Gordon go to the offices and meet Richard Siones who believes the way of the warrior is the way to succeed in business. Gordon gets kidnapped and forced to fight 3 guys and then Siones, aka The Mask. Bullock tries to rally the squad but they all think Gordon is upsetting the norm and wont help but Captain Essen says she will help. Gordon kicks ass in the fight club including taking out Siones. Liza wants out but gets the ledger for Fish.
Penguin nabs Fish’s second in command and makes him talk. Gotham is really good tvhtatiwatch.

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