Stalker 1.05

“The Haunting” 9/28/14 Two girls are looking for Halloween costumes and a creepy clown plays ball with one of them really violently and jumps one of them. A day later the girls are in their haunted house and hear someone downstairs when they go down the front door is open and the words Get Out are painted on the walls. Jack finds a voodoo bottle in the house. It leads to a voodoo practitioner trying to cleanse the house. Amanda tells jack to get out of LA. The voodoo guy makes bail and heads to the house and the Halloween Party is going on, goes into the basement to perform a cleansing and gets strangled to death. Jack and Beth show up. Beth finds Perry there and he messes with her. The ex-boyfriend shows up in the girls bedroom but gets sick, goes to the bathroom and gets knocked out then the girl gets taken. Turns out the ghost story of the house – a wife committing suicide in the house and the husband doing it too isn’t all true. The husband didn’t kill himself and is living in the basement. Jack figures it out and gets attacked and Beth shoots the guy in the arm. Stalker was surprising good tvthatiwatch.

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