How To Get Away With Murder 1.07

“He Deserves To Die” 11/6/14 Wes is cleaning blood off of Rebecca from Sam’s murder. Rebecca is getting deposed and the news comes out she had sex with Griffin. Annalise tries to block the tape with a gag order then Griffens lawyer shows evidence Lyla had fingernail marks in her neck. Pissing off the DA and the Annalise so they gang up and get the evidence overturned and stop the body from being exhumed. Then the DA flip flops and gets the fingernails put back in. Then Rebecca breaks the gag order and the judge gets fed up exhumes the body. Nate approaches Rebecca and says help me get Sam. The ME comes back with new information. The fingernails on the neck were actually ant bites… and Lyla was 6 weeks pregnant. How To Get Away With Murder is fun tvthatiwatch

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