How To Get Away With Murder 1.06

“Freakin’ Whack-A-Mole” 10/30/14 Annalise goes to see Wes to get him back but he says get Rebecca back and he might come back.
Case of the week: Death Row case. A man who supposedly murdered his girlfriend because he thought she cheated on him. Ashers dad was apparently a judge on the case and didn’t report jury perjury. Turns out it the girlfriend had an unjunction that stopped a now Senator from building but with her out of the way he could build a huge project. She goes after the senator in Supreme Court and goes way over the line but the Court realizes she created doubt so they let him go. Annalise sets up the jock with the phone. Today Annalise freaks out and calls Bonnie and asks her if she is with Sam insinuating that she didn’t know about the murder. How To Get Away With Murder is tvthatiwatch.

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