Homeland 3.06

“Still Positive” 11/3/13 Carrie is hooked up to a lie detection system. She drops a huge bomb on Jivadi – the 45 million dollars. She tells him saul wants to meet him and he says she has to get the info on the 6 terrorist the CIA took out. Saul and Quinn are looking for her. Adal meets senator/director Lockhart. As soon as she gets home she contacts Saul and then takes a pregnancy test. Still positive. She gets the data and goes to the drop spot. Jivadi heads to his ex-wives place, kills the daughter in law, kills his ex wife and then gets captured. Saul made a point of getting Jivadi’s wife and son out and Jivadi just killed them as revenge. Saul tells them get the murder weapon, clean the house and get out. Dana gets a name change and then moves out. Jivadi gets delivered to the safehouse and Saul punches them in the face.
Homeland is intense tvthatiwatch.

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