Homeland 3.05

“The Yoga Play” 10/27/13 A mystery man crosses the border into the US.
Jessica goes to Carrie to get help finding Dana. Carrie goes to the feds to make them find Dana but they have already been tracking her sort of and her deception of the people following her might have messed up the op by breaking suspicion. Saul clues Quinn on the op. Dana and Leo are still on the road and she finds out about the suicide pact Leo and his brother had so calls it quits. Saul goes on a duck hunt with some senators and gets the bombshell dropped he is not going to be named director. He makes a fantastic speech about a senator not being the best choice for the position. When he comes home his woman is having dinner with another man.
Carrie’s surveillance takes off making Saul think she got burned.
That night two guys show up, strip her down, and abduct her and bring her to Jivadi.
Homeland is intense tvthatiwatch.

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