Masters Of Sex 2.08

“Mirror, Mirror” 8/31/14 An old college friend, Frank Holden or Mason, from Kansas City stops by and asks for infertility help. Low sperm count. Virginia mentions that all the irregularities in the study that they have tossed might warrant some further investigation. When they look into male impitence Betty tells them most of the time its in their heads. Betty informs Masters they are being audidted but he needs to get a board of directors to qualify for non profit status. He tries to get the police chief on board but he’s hesitant. Libby suggests that instead she help out with the policemans ball while he ponders it. A fascinating dual story about sexual disfuction between Barbara Sanderson whose vagina has closed and Lester, the videographer’s, impitance. Barbara now remembers her first sexual experience was with her brother and God saw it all and did it to her. This all leads to Virginia deciding to go to school for her doctorate in psychology. Virginia tries to get Barbara to go to see a shrink but she says she cant so Virginia goes to see the shrink instead and tells Barbara’s story. Libby witnesses a beatdown of a blackman, and Mr Franklin drops by to ask her if she saw anything. WTF the old college friend that they have been insinuating was some sort of homosexual relationship Masters had in college turns out to really be his estranged BROTHER!!!!! Wow. Brilliant endcap to the episode.
Masters of Sex is good tvthatiwatch

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