Manhattan 1.06

“Acceptable Limits” 8/31/14 A man on his way to work pets a bird then poars himself a cup of coffee, does some math, and then says heil Hitler to his coworker. Charlie has to go to the plutonium factory to check it out and someone from Frank’s team has to go too so Frank sends Helen. She figures out the green water, which is highly fissionable isn’t being contained correctly. Needless to the say they start inserting rods without regards for any of their recomendations. Fritz is working on a sample when a rapid vapor expansion goes off and he inhales most of it. The medic and his fellow scientist are concerned about getting the 1/4 of the world plutonium back from inside him. When Frank and Babbit find out, they freak out. Not about getting the sample back but about Fritz health. As Frank starts to delve deeper into the circle of who the radioactive medical examiner is the trail leads back to the medic at the base who only has 1 week of radiology training. When Frank confronts Alek about it, who apparently worked with Madam Curie, he tells him to get over it. When Frank escalates it to the General the General says a German codenamed Magpie is 2 months ahead of them, but when Frank looks at the data he realizes the Germans are already testing yields which is years ahead of the US. Manhattan is great tvthatiwatch.

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