Intruders 1.02

“And Here… You Must Listen” 8/30/14 Madison is at a bus station and at 9:00 comes out of a fuege state with no recolection as to how she got there. She looks thru her pockets and pieces things together. Jack stops by the office to drop off Amy’s phone but her boss says she’s not here in a very mysterious way. Shepherd shows up at Madison’s house and starts asking the parents if she every displayed odd behavior. Jack starts looking for the cab driver where Amy’s phone was found. He meets up with the guy and he says he overhead her phone call in which she said she was an 1883 Russian secret police agent and assassinated a labor leader. Shepherd go to see the asian woman and she says she has never seen such a young person before.
Jack finds an apartment building in Amy’s phone and stakes it out only some guys try to beat him up then he gets a call from Amy. Madison can’t get on the train so bribes someone to drive her to Seattle. Boooooring. Intruders is no longer tvthatiwatch.

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