Intruders 1.01

“She Was Provisional” 8/23/14 15 years ago, two men come to visit a girl, Donna, on her birthday and show her a 45 rpm insert and she ends up going thru the the stages of possesion then wakes up on the lawn, and goes in and drowns herself. A women lets in an FBI man, he asks her where her husband, Bill Anderson is, but she doesn’t know, so her shoots her and her teenage son. Amy has a birthday too. Her husband, Jack, buys her a cake then as they are doing it, her eyes dilate. Madison’s 9th birthday, as she is blowing out her candles something comes over her she goes to the beach and a man places a silver dollar on the beach. The next day he brings her a card with the number 9 on it and calls her Marcus and says 9 years is a long time. The night she has dreams of strangling or being strangled then wakes up and looks at herself in the mirror admiring how different she looks. She draws a bath then kills her cat. An old friend drops by, and tells Jack about the murder. Amy has been missing for 2 days. Her cell phone shows up and when her husband calls her hotel she never checked in. He goes to pick up her phone. An AM radio broadcaster tells his listeners about Bill Anderson. He meets up with Mr Segredo and talks about audio frequences that can let people never die. Mr Segredo goes and visit him that night and blows off his head. Intruders is weird tvthatiwatch.

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