Gotham 1.07

“Penguin’s Umbrella” 11/3/14 Everyone finds out about Cobblepot. Bullock punches Bruce in the face. Fish sends Butch to get Bruce via Barbara. And Bruce shoots Butch’s lackie and coldcocks Butch. Falcone send Victor Zsasz to the precinct. Everyone leaves and Zsasz and Bruce start a shootout.
Bruce gets shot and runs to the car pool. Montoya and Crispis show up and pull him out. Fish goes to Maroni to get Penguin back, but he says no so they take his shipment of guns. Penguin suggests he makes a play one of Falcone’s places. When they do, Carbone smacks Penguin around and Penguin teaches him a lesson of paying his men and stabs him to death.
Falcone and Maroni decides to meet and call a truce and trade Penguin for a place called Indian Hill. Bruce arrest the Mayor with Bullocks help. Then Bruce heads to Falcone’s place to arrest Falcone. Falcone says Zsasz has Barbara so Bruce backs down. Falcone tells Bruce and Bullock that anarchy is the enemy not Falcone or the system, then lets him go. Penguin goes to see Falcone and we flashback to episode 1 where Penguin and Falcone havea discussion and Penguin asks him to make Jim his killer and tells him he will be his snitch and that Fish is angling for Falcone’s position. Wow. This was an exceptional episode. Gotham is really good tvhtatiwatch.

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