Jane the Virgin 1.02

“Chapter Two” 10/20/14 Jane doesn’t want to get attached to the baby so calls it a milkshake. Rafael put the hotel up as collateral in Luisa business many moons ago and now if Jane sue its in jeopardy. Jane also finds out about Rafael’s playboy past and the fact his sister was the doctor that gave her the milkshake so decides they can’t give the kid to them. Michael finds out the woman he has been staking out is getting shtupted by her husband’s best friend and that woman is Rafael’s wife. Everyone goes to the sonogram except it ends up just being Jane and Rafeal in there. Michael tells Petra to end the affair. Jane’s father wants to meet her. Michael wants Jane to quit her job. Jane decides to sue Luisa. Rafael’s dad shows up. Zaz gets impaled on the ice sculpture. Jane The Virgin is exceptionally delightful tvthatiwatch.

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