Madam Secretary 1.07

“Passage” 11/2/14 The team is debating where the Madam Secretary should go for her first trip. She picks Turkey, only the President suggests she go to India based on the fact a financial backer thinks its a good idea. Stevie sees her dad having coffee with someone and then gets weirded out by it. Daisy and Mahoney are fighting over the fact they used to hook up and Daisy sees Stevie hammered at a bar. Stevie comes clean about what she saw. In India, a giant 7.3 earthquake hits and that company the financial backer owns has a huge chemical spill and India wants them held accountable. Turns out Henry is working for the NSA and the hottie is his handler. Elizabeth decides to take blame for the spill and not forcing the US and India to have higher stands which turn the tables on everyone. Matt gets up the courage to ask Daisy out but she said yes to her boyfireind hours earlier. Elizabeth informs Stevie her father is not having an affair. Madam Secretary is tvthatiwatch.

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