Forever 1.06

“The Frustrating Thing About Psychopaths” 10/21/14 A hooker gets grabbed off the street and her heart sent to the police. Turns out the victim was Mary Kelly and was carved up the same way Jack the Ripper did. Henry gets a call from his mystery man. He deduces its not the real Jack as the newspaper reported a the wound on her wrist wrong. It wasnt a star it was a crescent. They go to the library to see who has recently read the original newspaper and a man runs. Turns out he’s a comic book writer. His fans are crazy. A creepy arrogant kid dares the police to find evidence. One of the weapons happens to belong to a rare weapons dealer called the Frenchman. Henry asks her about the buyer and its the father of the creepy kid. The father stabs him and they fall down the stairs breaking Henry’s back. Jo shows up sees the father and shoots him. The mystery man slits Henry’s neck to get him away from the scene. Forever is tvthatiwatch.

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