Constantine 1.02

“The Darkness Beneath” 10/31/14 A miner was flash fried in his shower. John goes to the town, heads into the mine and knocks on the walls and something knocks back. He runs across a woman named Zed who’s been drawing him for weeks now. He goes to the wake and confronts the owner of the mine and he says there is something in there. The next day a section of the mine collapses. When John corners one of the owners sons, the truck they are sitting in fills with black ooze and skeletons suck them into the ooze. Zed breaks John out but the other guy dies. When the owner decides he is going to go into the mine and figure out if there is something in there, Skeletal creature choke him out till Joh nand Zed show up and remind the undead they are protectors and the spirits leave. John figures out the wife of the first guy was actually the one who commands the spirits so he confronts her and she makes the spirits attack him only John conjours her husband and he drags her to hell. Constantine is really average tvthatiwatch.

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