Arrow 3.04

“The Magician” Nysa shows up and finds out about Sarah. She says Sarah was here to find out if the rumors are true about Malcolm Merlin still being alive. Island Ollie is following someone in Hong Kong and stabs him in the chest. Nysa and Arrow go to a budist temple and find Merlin. Arrow tags him. Merlin meets up with Ollie and swears on Thea’s life he did not kill Sarah. Ollie tells Thea that Malcolm was the one that saved her at the train station. Nysa doesn’t care and is going after Malcolm so she steals Thea.
Arrow goes and saves Thea. Merlin shows up and everyone fights but Merlin is adament he didn’t do it but he thinks that Ras Al Ghul did it. Nysa tells Laurel to keep at the punching bag. Nysa goes home to see Ras and he says Sarah was never really one of them but if Arrow is not going to kill Merlin then Arrow is an enemy of the League of Assassins. Arrow is really good tvthatiwatch.

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