Agents of SHIELD 2.06

“A Fractured House” 10/28/14 Hydra attacks the UN dressed as SHIELD and shoots people with disintegrating throwing stars. Ward’s Senator brother decides he is going to take a stand against SHIELD diplomatically. May, Hunter and Bobbie head to Japan to meet with Toshiro, the maker of the throwing stars, called splinterbombs. He says Hydra gave him the designs thanks to Vincent Beckers. Fitz and Simmons try to reconnect but end up
Coulson talks to Senator Ward and Skye talks to Grant. Everyone heads to Brussels to find Vincent Beckers. Fighty, fight and May takes out the leader and they turn them over to Talbot and the army. Ward gets turned over to Senator Ward and in exhange the Senator informs the world that SHIELD and Hydra aren’t one and the same. Bobby from Cougartown is getting a tattoo of the alien code. Agents of SHIELD is good tvthatiwatch.

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