Extant 1.10

“A Pack Of Cards” 8/27/14 Dr. Mason and Molly drive to find the baby. Gordon and Krygar find the car but not the wife. Alan brings his wife to the campsite and she sees the little girl. The sheriff goes back to work and shoots a robot then the deputy. He then brings Gordon and Krygar out to the woods to shoot him. The baby sends a flock of birds to attack the car Mason and Molly are in to free Molly. Molly escapes and calls John but Mason finds her again and hooks up with the army. The baby feeds again on a handyman. John and Ethan are being held captive by Hideko. Mason brings Molly to the baby. The handyman knocks Mason out with a tire iron.
When Molly goes the see the baby, she flashes to after her and Marcus’ accident and this time the baby is ok vs miscarriage before. The baby makes her engage the space station and engage the thrusters. Ethan escapes from Hideko but runs into Odin and they take off together. Gordon and Krygar ambush Alan and the controlled Molly and handyman, and the alien. Shooty, shoot, shoot out and the handyman and Kryger are shot but not before Kryger says you need to stop whatever it did. Extant is tvthatiwatch

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