Extant 1.09

“Care and Feeding” 8/27/14 Katie convinces Alan to take the baby. Kryger locks Molly in the basement. Alan calls Hideko and says he quits then goes off the grid to a camping spot Katie loved. John goes to Hideko to help Molly.
Molly decides to climb the elevator shaft but then falls. Ethan trusts Odin to change his battery, but he shouldn’t as Odin is a machine hater. The new swat team goes to the lab. Molly tries again to climb the shaft and gets a floor up. Alan mistakenly shoots a woman at the cabin. Gordon tracks Alan’s wifes car. Odin continues to manipulate Ethan. Molly bests the SWAT leader and gets a call from Hideko. He tells her he did everything to her but now he wants her to help him find the baby. Meanwhile a cop goes to find the old lady and Alan ties him up and feeds him to the baby. Hideko gets alientologist, Dr. Mason, to help Molly find the baby. Note to self: Cell phones are extremely breakable in the future. Break like a cracker. Extant is horrible tvthatiwatch.

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