Defiance 2.13

“I Almost Prayed” 8/28/14 Irisa continues to destroy NY by terraforming the city for the Vatanus. Nolan finds Kai and suggest that Kai needs to be near Irisa to seperate the 2 keys she has in her. Rafe’s wife asks that Christie and Alak live with her but Stahmah says no. The E-Rep finally get word that NY is gone. Ywell comes back to town with a plan to reporgram the Kaziri inside Irisa which will unfortunately kill her but fortunately will stop the terraforming. The E-Rep grab Nolan and Kai so they don’t stop them but of course he breaks free. As Amanda and Mayor are about to take the shot to stop Irisa, Nolan stops them and Kai takes the key back. Rafe’s wife steals Christie and Alak. Berlin goes to find Rafe and finds the sergeant of the prison slaughtering the prisoners. The Kazari try to stop Irisa from stopping the bombs by telling her they can bring back Tommy but Irisa accepts that Tommy is dead and she and Kai make the weapons shoot into orbit and destroy all the ships around the planet. The ship comes down around their heads and Nolan and Irisa end up in a status egg. Amanda and the Mayor do it. Thankfully this is the last season of Defiance that will be tvthatiwatch.

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