Defiance 2.12

“All Things Must Pass” 8/28/14 Datak and Stahah get abducted. Rafe’s wife goes to visit him in prison. As Nolan drags Tommy through the forest, Tommy starts halucin-reminiscing all the wonderful times he spent with Nolan. The Mayor was the one who kidnapped Datak and Stahmah as gift for Amanda, as they are the ones who killed Kenya. She decides not to kill them. While Ywell is hiding down in the original St. Louis she stumbles across the Kaziri ship. Her imaginary friend wants her to climb into a status pod but Ywell realizes the chip in her head is Kaziri as well and it just trying to manipulate her so she rips it out. Datak and Stahmah return to their home, and Datak proceeds to kill all the loyal family heads. Tommy dies.
Irisa proceeds to initiate spacecrafts in orbit to lauch destruction on NY? Ugh, Defiance is the last season of tvthatiwatch.

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