The McCarthys 1.01

“Pilot” 10/30/14 The McCarthys get bad news when a dear friend ends up dying, but they end up watching the rest of the basketball game, you know cause he was the Dad – Arthur’s – assistant coach. Meanwhile the gay son gets a job offer to move to Providence, RI which upsets everyone. At the funeral, a all time star basketball player decides to play for Arthur’s team and he names Ronnie as as the new assistant BBall coach, much to his surprise. Turn out the kids mom is a les and wanted to make sure her kid was raised in a gay friendly environment. Ronnie’s parents throw him a manparty to show him he doesn’t need to leave. Jackie informs everyone she is carring the dead man’s baby. Ronnie is touched by it all and decides to stay. The McCarthys might be tvthatiwatch as the pilot was very traditional. Lets see if it can be entertaining and distinguish itself.

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