Masters of Sex 2.07

“Asterion” 8/24/14 Five months later, Masters and Johnson have opened up the Reproductive Biology Research Foundation October 15th 1958. They hire Betty to help them with the books and managment. Libby wants another baby now that Masters has his own business. Masters comes clean with Virginia about why he stopped things – it was because of the kids. Masters take a loan out for the company against the house and all his assets. One year later. Libby has another baby. Masters mom drops by and tells him she’s kept his secret even though she has been seeing Libby and the kids for the least year and wants back in his life. Another year later. They are still trying to keep their head above water. Virginia tells Masters they need to end the feud. So they have sex again. The hotel night manager wants Dr. Masters to not be Dr. Holden anymore in exchange for a free room. Betty tells him there is a 20% bump in the financials. Masters invites his mom to his sons birthday party only because he deduces the bump in finances is his mothers money. Masters Of Sex is good tvthatiwatch.

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