Manhattan 1.05

“A New Approach to Nuclear Cosmology” 8/24/14 Frank is driving down a country road and it looks like he’s being followed. Charlie presents his findings but the General informs him his cannon is too heavy by 800lbs.
Babbit gives Charlie a word of advice that the gun only has to go off once. Charlie then calls Babbit a communist for having met one. Liza gets her biology paper returned, redacted and wants it published. Apparently Babbit had gotten an invitation to defect with a traitor – turns out he was just dating the traitor. G2 comes for Babbit in the night. Fritz is apparently a virgin. Frank goes after Charlie with an attack of plagerism to keep his mouth shut about Babbit. Liza’s bees have been killed. Charlie informs G2 he didn’t know Babbit back at college or the Communist clearing Babbits name. Frank gets the maid a radio and the man following him from the beginning knows about his affair with her and reports it to G2. Manhattan is really great tvthatiwatch.

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