True Blood 7.10

“Thank You” 8/24/14 Bill wants Sookie to use her glowball on him thereby negating both of them. True Death for Bill and humanity for Sookie. Erik and Pam release Sarah then kill all the ninjas. Jessica and Hoyt stop by to see Bill and Hoyt proposes to her. Sookie and Jason are asked to be bridesmaid and best man. Bill ask Andy, as his last surviving relative to rent the house to Hoyt and Jessica for $1. Then they get married. Oddly enough, Sookie starts to hear Bill’s thoughts. After talking with the pastor she decides to do it and tells Bill to meet her at the cemetry but after seeing the glow ball she realizes she can’t lose that part of her. Instead she decides to stake him, well they do it together, and Bill dies. One year later… Erik and Pam are spokespeople for New Blood. Three years later… Erik and Pam open the stock market. Jason and his wife have 3 kids. Sookie is pregnant. Merlotte comes to visit. Sarah is losing her mind. And Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday for the people of Bon Temps. True Blood once was really entertaining tvthatiwatched but spiraled out of control as the series wore on.

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