The Flash 1.04

“Going Rogue” 10/28/14 Dr. Wells is testing Barry’s multitasking abilities. An armed car robbery takes place and the robbers use liquid nitrogen to blast off the back door. Flash shows up and breaks them up. One of them loses his mask and Barry id’s him as Leonard Snart. Felicity shows up and Barry shows her his abilities. Snart gets some Star Labs tech and goes to see the Khandaq diamond. Det. West confronts him and Flash shows up to help till Captain Cold start firing at innocents and Flash can’t save one. Cisco confesses he built the cold gun to stop the Flash. Snart goes back for the diamond jumps on a train and derails it to force Flash to save the passengers while he escapes. Cisco shows up and threatens Cold so he leaves. Felicity leaves and Barry meets her on the train and they talk about unrequited loves. And they kiss. Dr. Wells threatens Cisco creepily. Captain Cold gives a heat gun to Mick Rory aka Heatwave. The Flash is turning out to really fun tvthatiwatch.

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