Gotham 1.06

“Spirit Of The Goat” 10/27/14 Ten years ago a psycho killer named Randall Milkie aka The Spirit of the Goat slaughtered rich kids and Bullock and his partner, Diggs, confronted him. His partner gets wounded. Present day, a copycat victim shows up. Gordon and Barbara hash it out. Montoya and Crispin find a witness who saw Gordon shoot Cobblepot. The latest victim has a penny sewn into the base of its skull, a little fact withheld from everyone but the ME, Diggs and Bullock. The ME is dead and Bullock didn’t talk. Diggs says it’s a conspiracy. Another victim is taken. Bullock and Gordon end up back at the same location from 10 years ago and tumble with the new Goat only something is off. The psychologist, Dr. Marks, that worked with the father of the previous victim turns out to be a hypnotist and turns her patients into killers. Montoya takes in Gordon and Oswald shows up at the precinct. Gotham is tvhtatiwatch.

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