Constantine 1.01

“Non Est Asylum” 10/24/14 John has spent the last 3 months in Ravenswood, an asylum, when he notices a trail of cockroaches leading to a woman painting LIVDIE on the walls. She is possessed by a spirit and John performs an exorcist on her then realizes he is wasting his life in the asylum. A girl’s car dies and as she walks away the lights shut off, the ground erupts and John stops by to tell her he can help. Then an Angel appears and tells John he will be his guardian. The girl gets a ride from her neighbor. Later that night the neighbor ends up getting her head spun around. The next day the ambulance crashes into her office. Her broken neck neighbor is the driver. Turns out Liv is Jasper’s daughter and can see into the nether realms and the demon thrives on energy. He goes to see Rich who talks of New Castle and the bad things that went down there. John uses her as bait to bring the demon. Rich shuts the power off and John banishes the demon. Liv goes to CA to get away from it all. Wow that was bad. Constantine is really bad tvthatiwatch.

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