Arrow 3.03

“Corto Maltese” 10/22/14 A year ago Thea is with Malcolm and he says we can go anywhere. Arrow is looking for Thea and finds out she is in Corto Maltese. Diggle is loving the life of a father but Lyla suggests he go with the team and check in on a agent named, Mark Shaw(Manhunter!). He finds her waiting tables at a local restaurant. Felicity goes to work with Ray and heads up his Applied Sciences division. Diggle meets Shaw and he steals some encryption thingie which will compromise a bunch of Argus agents. Laurel’s in AA and hears about a boyfriend beating his woman and puts a mask on and tries to beat him up but loses so go to learn to fight from a boxer dude.
Ollie decides to tell Thea a secret and it convinces her to go home. The Shaw deal goes down with Armitage but the team stops it. Arrow is good tvthatiwatch.

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