The Flash 1.03

“Things You Can’t Outrun” 10/21/14 Flash is out and about saving people. A crime family ends up sufficating the death by a gas with intent. The team starts to figure out they need a containment place for the metahumans which leads to flashbacks for both Caitlin and Cisco of Ronnie, Caitlin’s boyfriend, an engineer on the particle accelerator project who ended up dying when it blew up. Second victim is a judge who ends up being gassed in an elevator at a mall. Barry runs into The Mist but its near impossible to punch smoke and the Mist dives into his lungs. Barry runs back to the lab and makes Caitlin extract the sample in his lungs. Turns out it was Kyle Nimbus, death row inmate that was gassed the night of the Star labs explosion. Nimbus goes after the last man that helped put him away, Detective West, who happens to be at the prison. The Mist attacks West and Flash gives him the antidote and runs out to fight The Mist. Turns out gas is the most unstable of forms so if Flash keeps him gasous he will get exhausted. Iris tells her dad about her boyfriend. Barry goes to see his dad.
The Flash is turning out to really fun tvthatiwatch.

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