Agents of SHIELD 2.05

“A Hen In The Wolf House” 10/21/14 Dinner guests at a wedding drink the champagne but their faces disintegrate after turning blue. Hydra tried a new syrum with the alien DNA. Raina goes to see Skye’s dad to try to get the obilesque but he says I want my daughter and you can’t have the obilesque.
Skye digs into the alien writing and realizes the samples are Coulsons. Hydra figures out there is a mole and does an inspection. Simmons narrowly escapes by setting up her boss. Raina asks to see Coulson and threatens Simmons security in exchange for Skye. Coulson doesn’t blink and Simmons gets busted and in walks Bobbie Morse as in Mockingbird to break her out. Coulson tags Riana and sends her on her way. Skye follows her and finds a picture of her dad. Simmons comes home. Skye realizes the drawings are a map. Skye’s Dad brings the obilesque, which he refers in its alien tongue – The Diviner, to Whitehall and suggest they team up to get rid of Coulson and his team. Agents of SHIELD is good tvthatiwatch.

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