The Last Ship 1.01

“Pilot: Phase Six” 6/22/14 Military Captain Tom Chandler is taking his crusier to the arctic to run some drills. Dr. Scott tags along to do a bird research run. They are operating in radio silence for several weeks. On one of Dr. Scotts runs the Russians attack the scientists and the ship. A Russian survivor ask for “the cure”. Turns out the doctor was the real mission to the arctic.  A pandemic virus outbreak has obliterated over 80% of the world. The Doctor had a crazy idea to get a primordial strain that hasn’t mutated yet. They head to a refueling station in France but get a missile warning but it flies over them and nukes France. They run across a luxury liner and refuel and decide to head back to the US. Yeah, I really liked the script but this execution was entirely flat and boring.  The Last Ship is tvthatiwatch-ed the pilot of and then gave up.

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