Gotham 1.05

“Viper” 10/20/14 Bruce is looking for the connections in how Gotham works. Specifically why Falcone and Meroni got Arkham. A homeless street bum gets a vial of a green liquid that says breathe me. He does and robs a store and carrys a ATM down the street. Falcone asks his leaders to rally. Gordon and Bullock find the bum, who has been downing milk like crazy, and he ends up dropping the ATM on himself when his bones disintegrate. Stan Petolski starts handing out “Viper” to everyone. And the homeless go crazy.
Turns out Stan used to work for Wellzyn a pharmisudical company and he designed supersoldier serums. The first one “Viper” had lots of side effects. It is the precursor to “Venom”. Fish is training Liza on how to manipulate men. Bruce heads to a Wayne Enterprises function to ask the board members about the mafia connection but he find out they don’t show up to these events, instead only middle management like Mathis are there. He asks her for a meeting with the board. Meanwhile, Gordon finds Stan pipeing gas in to the ballroom and shoots the valve giving Stan a huge dose and he leaps off the roof but not beofre mentioning warehouse 39. They go to investigate but its empty and Mathis tells her bosses not to worry as she had it all moved. Liza makes a move on Falcone. Gotham is tvhtatiwatch.

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