Masters of Sex 2.06

“Blackbird’ 8/17/14 Masters finds out Hendricks won’t let any of the black workers join the study. So they go to a reporter but the reporter turns the piece against Masters. Masters goes to her editor and blackmails him into not publishing the article. Lillian goes for chemo after chemo treatment and she decides to give up. Virginia calms her down. Betty is having an affair with Helen but Helen doesn’t want to be the mistress so proposes to Alan. Betty doesn’t want anything to do with them now. The Pretzel King speaks with Alan about not hanging around and he tells him about Helen and Betty’s lip kiss. He confronts Betty about it and it all blows up. Libby forbids Coral’s BF from coming around but he still does.  Turns out its her brother.  But Libby fires her anyway. Lillian takes an overdose of sleeping pills and Virginia is going to call an ambulance but lets her go. Masters decides he can’t work at a hospital anymore and quits. When he goes to Virginia’s home he sees her boyfriend and child and realizes he’s alone. Masters of Sex is good tvthatiwatch.

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