Manhattan 1.04

“Last Reasoning Of Kings” 8/17/14 Frank wants sleeping pills but gets a psych eval. Charlie is pulled from Thin Man and tasked with working with a new man, Neils Bohr. Frank is apparently good friends with Neils. Callie tries to escape. Frank proceeds with another test without any permission and when the bomb doesn’t go off he goes to check but it goes off before he can get there. The jeep breaks down and Frank, Paul and a soldier begin to walk back to town 30 miles away. The ladies auxilery visits Abby, gets her drunk then she jumps Charlie. Liza goes to get sleeping pills and gets a psych eval too. Neils goes to see Frank’s implosion designs.  Oppenheimer stops by and tells Charlie he’s off Neil duty. Paul drops the film canister which was the only evidence of the implosion test. Frank has another halucination from WWI when he was an infantryman and his squad was killed with mustard gas. He confronts Paul that Akley is working 9 to 5 and that won’t save the war. Neils decides against working for the project becuase he can’t take war. Manhattan is really good tvthatiwatch.

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