Major Crimes 3.10

“Zoo Story” 8/11/14 Fritz is at the hospital after his heartattack and gets a pacemaker. An undercover cop gets abducted at a club.  Commander McGuiness from Special Operations Bureau gets upset that she wasn’t properly backed up. Rusty goes to see his mom, who got arrested for shoplifting, and wants him to do tricks for bail. The cop is in a cell, picks the neighboring cells lock and tells her to go for help. She ends up dead. The cop tries to escape but gets knocked out. They figure out the girl had horse tranquilizer, track down the doctor who tries to shoot them and he gets shot himself, then his sister feigns being a prisoner but Chen figures it out. The abducted cop is actually in a 18 wheeler on her way to human trafficing but the team finds her.   Major Crimes is tvthatiwatch.

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