Legends 1.01

“Pilot” 8/13/14 Martin is an undercover operative in the FBI working on a case infiltrating the Virginia Revolutionary Army. When they get raided for a simple weapons charge he gets brought in. He’s been off the grid under cover for 6 months now and Crystal, his handler is pissed. He gets reapproached to meet the founding father in the VRA. So he goes back undercover. He is being followed by someone who tells him Martin Odum is a “legend”.  A made up identity. Martin ask Bobby to start looking in to the guy who was following him.  Super tenseness as his cover is checked. He meets the founding father and he plans to blow up the Secretary of Treasury. Fighty fight as they save the day. As Bobby delves deeper into Martin’s follower he reaches a blocked access and then someone sneaks up behind him and kills. Martin gets a call by the follower to meet but as he gets there the follower gets stabbed and dies giving Martin a book with the key to his true identity. Legends is tvthatiwatch.

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