Jane the Virgin 1.01

“Chapter One (Pilot)” 10/13/14 Jane is a virgin and has been dating Michael for the last 2 years. She works at a hotel owned by Rafael Solano. She goes in for a pap smear and Luisa, her substitute OBGYN and Rafael’s sister, inseminates her with Rafael’s sperm by mistake as Petra, Rafael’s wife, was going to use his last sample to bring back their marriage via a baby. That night her boyfriend decides to propose to her and she has to tell him. And then the family comes over. The boyfriend doesn’t want her to have the baby. Petra and Rafael say they will take the baby. Petra just wants the prenup money. Rafael wants a divorce. Zazo, Rafael’s #2, is being watched by the cops one of whom happen to be Michael. Meanwhile the telenovela star is Jane’s father. Jane proposes to Michael after she tells him she is giving Rafael the baby. Jane The Virgin is exceptionally delightful tvthatiwatch.

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