Extant 1.08

“Incursion” 8/20/14 John confronts Julie about changing Ethan’s codes and she denies it. Gordon tells Kryger and Molly about the “abortion” procedure and that someone is pulling the strings, and that the baby is 20 stories down. Molly thinks its trying to communicate with her. The baby is growing quickly. Hideko says kill Molly. Alan tells Gordon they plan to move the baby and to kill Molly. Gordon says this is our chance to steal the baby, lets do a heist. Ethan rides his bike and some kids want to steal it but he gets a cut on his face and scares them. The baby has took over its chamber and clouded up the tank making the heist impossible now. Gordon decides to break Kryger and Molly in.  John calls Julie and Odin to watch Ethan while he goes to stop Molly. Kryger blows the security and they go in. The tank starts getting upset. It takes control of one of the guards. A shoot out happens. Molly and Kryger walk into the aftermath.  Kryger shoots the tank.  Alan goes after Gordon to shoot him but sees Molly. He shoots Molly who turns into Katie then he senses there is something in the room with him.  Then Katie says we have to help him. Extant is bad tvthatiwatch.

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