Extant 1.07

“More In Heaven And Earth” 8/20/14 Molly flashes back to a station sim and the day the Aruna had “an oxygen leak”. Molly shows the Aruna video to Dr. Sam and says lets start making Alan sweat. Ethan starts speaking Japanese to some girls he overhears at school. Dr. Sam starts looking into the Aruna files. Gordon is trying to find out from Kryger where the Aruna file is. An old ISEA exec that Molly was trying to press for information jumps out of a penthouse window. Mr. Yasamoto invites John, Molly and Ethan over to see the Japanese knowledge himself. Hideko mentions immortality by downloading consciousness into robots. Molly confronts Alan and tells him about Aruna being a secret mining mission. Then she follows him. He, on the otherhand, is chatting with his dead daughter over the alien baby’s chamber.  Molly enters the building and a SWAT team is called. The alien makes the birds smack into the window which gets her attention and she run.  She gets tackeled and its Gordon who says come with me if you want to live then they escape down in the basement and jump into his car which is being driven by Kryger. Odin is in a hate machine group run by Hideko’s woman. John tries to put safeguards on Ethan but his access is blocked. Extant is bad tvthatiwatch.

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