Extant 1.06

“Nightmares” 8/13/14 Ethan has a dream. Julie meets someone named Odin. The baby in the chamber takes over a doctor and makes him kill someone. Molly puts a audio tracer on Dr. Sam. Alan threatens Dr. Sam with exposing her brother and Molly hears it all. Kryger reprograms his fingerprints to match Gordon then breaks in and steals footage from the space station. Molly tells Dr. Sam she understands how family important. Ethan draws the symbol and says he saw it on her stomach. Kryger wants to meet up but Molly realizes its a trap and calls Dr. Sam to makes everyone look somewhere else. When they do meet, Kryger gives her the recording.  John tries to decode it but Ethan tells him he is doing it wrong and then Ethan decrypts it.  Its a recording of the other space station, Aruna, that was infected with the virus. The one that Alan Sparks daughter Katie was on and forced a scuttle of the ship. Kryger gets captured by Gordon. Extant is horrible tvthatiwatch.

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